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When accidents happen with chemicals, medicine, or household items, call Poison Help. Get help right away from a local poison expert.

If someone is unconscious or has trouble breathing, call 911.

Poison Info

What is a Poison?

A poison is anything that can harm someone if it is 1) used in the wrong way, 2) used by the wrong person, or 3) used in the wrong amount. Some poisons may be harmful if they come into direct contact with your eyes or skin. Others may be toxic if you breathe them or swallow them. Poisons can come in four forms: solids (such as pain medicine pills or tablets), liquids (such as household cleaners, including bleach), sprays (such as spray cleaners) and gases (such as carbon monoxide, or CO).1

Most consumer products are safe if label directions are followed, but some can be poisonous if used incorrectly. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for a list of different poisons.

If you think someone has been poisoned, call the toll-free Poison Help line right away, 1-800-222-1222, which connects you to your local poison center.

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