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Poison Help 1-800-222-1222 [logo]

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When accidents happen with chemicals, medicine, or household items, call Poison Help. Get help right away from a local poison expert.

If someone is unconscious or has trouble breathing, call 911.

NPPW: Educating and Saving Lives

Mark National Poison Prevention Week by programming the Poison Help line (1-800-222-1222) into your phone and encouraging friends and family to do the same.  Learn how to get more involved here.

The Poison Help line: Don't guess. Make the call

Life's a lot easier when you have the right connections. Watch this video to learn about the Poison Help line and how it can help you and your loved ones when you need it the most.

Featured Resource: Poison Peril lnfographic

Did you know that poisonings kill more people than car accidents? Check out the the Poison Help infographic for more important facts.

Program the Poison Help Number Into Your Phone

Accidents happen. Be prepared. Program the Poison Help line number into your phone and share it with your family and friends so it’s there when you need it most.

Don't Guess. Make the Call.

  1. Call Poison Help (1-800-222-1222), which connects you to your local poison center, if someone may have been poisoned – even if you’re not sure.
  2. Stay calm – most poisoning emergencies can be resolved quickly.
  3. Call 9-1-1 if the person is unconscious or has trouble breathing.